Welcome Back to the Circus


“MSH flit through Fish-era Marillion crowdpleasers, cutting through with rich Rothery guitar breaks”

Prog Magazine

Dedicated to delivering the excitement, power and spectacle of the early years of Marillion!

Celebrated FISH-era MARILLION tribute band, MARQUEE SQUARE HEROES, perform a full-length, 2+ hour show featuring current and former members of MARILLION contemporaries TWELFTH NIGHT, CREDO, and JUMP

Drawing material from the classic debut album ‘Script for a Jester’s Tear’, the magnificent sophomore album ‘Fugazi’, the number-one album ‘Misplaced Childhood’, and its spectacular follow-up ‘Clutching at Straws’, the band also delve into the compilation album ‘B-Sides Themselves’ and the legendary ‘Market Square Heroes’ EP, which, of course, contains the epic ‘Grendel.’

“This band were phenomenal, fantastic musicianship with every song nailed. A must for anyone who is a fan of FISH era MARILLION”

MSH on tour through 2024 and 2025

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